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WordPress Hosting

$ 0 .00
per month with a 3-day free trial
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 100K Visits/mo.
  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • 50GB CDN
  • Staging Area
  • Up to 14 PHP Workers
  • 50 Global Server Locations

Our hosting services is fully managed which means we do not provide access to cPanel, Plesk or the hosting backend in any way.  Our experts handle all requests, bugs and issues for you at no extra charge.  This helps us ensure quality control and resource management on your behalf.  You will still be given SFTP access and the ability to clear server cache (which is all you should really need with managed hosting).  We also provide free white glove site migrations to and from our servers.

  • DDoS detection, Firewalls, Uptime monitoring
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Nginx, LXD containers, MariaDB, PHP 7+
  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly Backups
  • Fully Managed – 24/7 Monitoring
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Free Site Migration
  • Free SSL
  • Free Setup / 3-day trial
  • Free CDN
  • SFTP access
  • Ability to clear server cache from WP dashboard

*Caching & backup plugins no longer needed!

Our lightning fast hosting
Fully Managed
Google Servers
Server Caching
Daily Backups
99.9% Uptime
Free SSL
Free Migration
SFTP Access

Avg. PressPickle client site load times

0 s
Includes all of our clients

Avg. PressPickle client TTFB

0 ms
200-500ms is average

Avg. PressPickle 500 errors (server)

0 %
Vritually none!

*PressPickle is not a webhost, we offer third party hosting that we’ve thoroughly vetted for quality, speed and performance.

Your Site

$ 0 .00
Not sure about it? Call 720.551.7755 or contact us.

WordPress is a love hate relationship.  We all love when everything’s working… but then you’ll have a great idea to add a new feature, update something – you know the drill.  Well guess what – now your social icons are broken, font sizes are too small, images are broken – the list goes on.  Welcome to the world of WordPress.  We’re here to make your headaches go away.  We can fix pretty much any issue – with any plugin or any theme.  Let us help!

  • Plugin issues
  • Theme issues
  • Styling issues
  • Compatibility issues
  • Platform or hosting issues
  • 3rd party integrations
  • General problems

*Price is for a single issue

We fix just about anything
Fonts & Styling
Errors & Warnings

Total broken themes & plugins we've patched or fixed

0 K
Updated monthly

Errors caused by lack of proper maintenance

0 %
We maintain sites - ask us

Errors caused by previous developer or deprecated code

0 %
You get what you pay for

Your Site

If you want to stay with your current host (or move to ours) – we can optimize your load times regardless.  Our team has extensive experience with popular configurations that allows us to quickly identify areas where we can drastically improve performance.  There are times when a new host is the only further optimization possible within an infrastructure.  More often than not, however, we are able to streamline your existing site to eliminate the majority of your bottlenecks.  We’ll use Pingdom and GTMetrix to evaluate speed improvements.  Clients typically experience a savings of 2-4 seconds and in some cases more.

  • Guaranteed 80 score or higher on GTMetrix
  • Improve load speeds by an avg. of 2-4 sec.
  • Caching, minification & GZIP
  • Image compression
  • Server optimization (if applicable)
  • Theme bloat removal & request reduction
  • Asynchronous script loading
  • And more!
We focus on
Image Compression
Bloat Removal
Async JS

Average Wordpress website load times (all industries)

0 s
Site fully loaded

53% of users will leave a mobile page if not loaded in...

0 s
Users are impatient

Average webpage size (images, scripts & external files)

0 MB
According to GTMetrix

Your Site

Hopefully you are regularly updating your WordPress site.  It is a vital maintenance function for security, speed and usability.  Sometimes it can be confusing, sometimes don’t have the time, let us handle your plugin, theme and WP core updates for you.  We’ll also update your PHP version should you need it (PHP 7.0 and lower are being retired soon!).  Our experts will handle any troublesome issues that arise during updates – within reason.  There are occasions when updates can cause significant changes to layouts and code – in these cases we’ll advise the best course of action.

  • Update all plugins
  • Update all themes
  • Update WordPress core
  • Update all translations
  • Update PHP version (this can cause issues)
  • Troubleshoot and fix any bugs that arise
  • *Bundled plugins may require theme updates
We update everything

Lack of updates result in broken themes, styles, plugins, security vulnerabilities and deprecated code. (click to read full article)
Stats below pulled from this article. WordPress stats here.

Available Plugins on CodeCanyon, 3rd party sites & the repository

0 K
all of which release regular updates

WordPress sites on current software version (5.0)

0 %

WordPress sites running the latest PHP version (7.3)

0 %
Double yikes!

Your Site

Our team can handle site migrations to and from any webhost or service.  Typically these take between 1-4 hours – though they can take longer if you’re stashing a large uploads folder around 20GB or more.  In that case we may have some other recommendations! Your site will be exactly the same as it was before the migration as we take great care in creating backups before and after, carefully handling the database and uploading site files correctly.  After the migration is complete – we can help update any DNS records to point to the new website (once we’ve all verified everything is identical and working properly).

  • Themes, plugins & update folder migration
  • Retain settings, customization & logins
  • DNS updates (if needed)
  • Database migration
  • Post-migration Tests
  • *Multisites may require extra time & cost
Rest assured, our migrations are

Successful Migrations

0 K
and counting..

Average Migration


Issues after migration

we got your back

Your Website

Site security is becoming more and more challenging on WordPress as the number of sites using the platform continues to skyrocket.  We’ll employ various hardening techniques, login spam prevention, password control and many other tricks to prevent unwanted access to your site.  We may recommend plugins like Sucuri or Wordfence if your host allows – even the free versions are fairly robust.  If your site is already compromised we have a dedicated “unhacking” squad that can squash any site infection in a matter of hours.   In the end – it will take some very high level hacking to gain access to your site once we’re done with it.

  • Theme / plugin updates & checks
  • Secret key roll & permission checks
  • Backup creation & scheduling
  • Hardening for future attacks
  • Sucuri & WordFence Scans
  • Firewall implementation
  • WordPress core fixes
We provide
Site Hardening
Code Scans
Security Updates

Below are some industry-wide WordPress security statistics that will make your jaw drop – data as of 2018. (click to read full article)

WordPress sites that need security, plugin or core updates

0 %

Percentage of increased attacks from 2017 to 2018

0 %

Attacks made on WordPress sites every minute

0 K


Average Blended Hourly Rate

$ 0 /hr

Varies based on project complexity

Get a Quote
Get a Quote

Our packages can be limiting for some clients.  We now offer a new “custom development” service that allows you to specify exactly what you need.  In an effort to be flexible and transparent – we’ll provide a simple quote upfront after speaking with you.  If accepted, we’ll send you a direct invoice via email.  You’ll still be given an account on PressPickle to securely submit your credentials.

  • No limitations on web development or design scope
  • Typical requests include multiple changes, updates or adjustments
  • We are happy to bid on full-stack enterprise level projects
  • We do NOT build mobile apps

Clients sometimes use this package when they’re not sure what they need – and that’s ok! We can help.

Custom development can include
Full-Stack Projects
Styling & Design Overhauls
Plugin Customization
Theme Customization

Monthly Plan

Maintenance Only

$ 0 .00
per month

Maintenance + Hosting

$ 0 .00
per month

Maintenance packages are useful for clients who don’t want to deal with ongoing updates, security checks, speed optimization, etc.  This package is essentially most of our services bundled into one monthly fee – saving you hundreds in fees by committing to a monthly package.  There’s also an option to have the maintenance package combined with our hosting – this will save you even more if you were to purchase both individually.

  • Monthly plugin updates
  • Monthly Wordpress core update
  • Monthly theme updates
  • Ongoing Speed Optimization (includes free image compression plugin – Imagify)
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Daily backups
  • Bug fixes & troubleshooting
  • Free setup
  • Free site migration (if hosting included)
  • Can be combined with our Dedicated Hosting (2nd option shown)
Less headaches from
Updating Plugins
Updating Themes
Updating Wordpress
Speed Issues
Security Risks

Avg. hours clients save on maintenance

0 hrs
per month based on feedback

MNX + hosting value

$ 0
versus a la carte services (hosting included)

How can we help?

The fastest way to get started is to visit our services page and pick a plan that works for you.

Custom Development

Custom development projects are quoted individually.  Upon acceptance you will be invoiced via email before work begins.  You’ll be given a PressPickle account to securely upload your credentials.

Once a service is chosen & payment clears - dashboard access is provided to securely upload site credentials & logins.

Once a service is chosen & payment clears - dashboard access is provided to securely upload site credentials & logins.